Staff & Volunteers



Chief Oddball


Andy Hopp is an award-winning illustrator, writer, and game designer with dozens of credits in his cookie jar. He’s worked for many of the game industry’s most celebrated publishers, including Great White Games, Chaosium Inc., Goodman Games, and many others. His most popular works to date include the acclaimed Low Life RPG, Low Life Miniatures, the Dementalism and G’Zoink card games, Alphabeast Soup, and two Lovecraftian children’s books (Cliffourd the Big Red God and Where the Deep Ones Are) published by Atlas Games. He runs Mutha Oith Creations, a publisher of books and games and manager of events (Con on the Cob and Oddmall).


All Things to All People


Holy carp crapping crap on a carp! Krystal does SO MUCH freaking stuff at Oddmall (and elsewhere). She sews and sells fantastic handmade critters, foodstuffs, and othernesses from her Live.Dream.Create store, webpage, and booth at Oddmall. Krystal is in charge of updating the various Oddmall Ohio websites, organizing jazz with vendors, helping people sign up for future Oddmalls, and so many more things I am inclined to describe how there are too many of them for me to list rather than suffer her ire for forgetting to include something. She’s a valuable asset to this venture and a damn fine human being.


Assistant to the Assistant Assistant


And now a man who needs no introduction…


The Boss Boss


As an accomplished costume designer and cosplayer Heather is in charge of all of Oddmall’s costuming and cosplay events. She can usually be found at Cosplay HQ or stalking the halls in some sort of Dr. Who related duds. She’s also married to Andy, so don’t get any ideas, buster. I have my eye on you…


Goddess of the Gift Shop

Not Batman’s Sidekick


Robin is so cool I just wrote a song about her that I’m currently singing in my own head. You can’t hear it (because it’s in my head). Robin is like the VOLUNTEER SUPREME of Oddmall (and Con on the Cob). She helps Julie in the Gift Shop, helps Greg and Krystal (Grystal?) sign up vendors, and generally just sort of helps out wherever she’s needed.

Geek Watch One

Official Podcasters and Out-Helpers

Kylan, Ken, Dawn, and Vicky are Geek Watch One. So is everybody else if you believe their tagline. These peeps are the grooviest. Their weekly podcast conversates upon all things geeky. Check it out. While you’re doing so perhaps pour a drink in honor of all the hard work these best friends of mine put into helping Oddmall happen. Can you dig it?

So Many other People

Basically Everyone


A HUGE assortment of people conspire (willingly or unwillingly) to make Oddmall the special thing that it is. This includes all of our fantastic guests, our entertainers, everyone who comes to Oddmall, Dr. Sketchy, Rick Shantery, and basically the entire population of the Earth and also the Earth itself, since without the planet we wouldn’t have a venue. Much love to all!

The Oddmall Odd Squad

The Oddmall Odd Squad is a group of awesome volunteers who dig Oddmall and want to help propogate its existence. Odd Squad members help distribute flyers, spread the word about Oddmall, help us during setup and close down at the shows, and also help us out with a wide variety of tasks during the shows (helping vendors find their booths, booth sitting when vendors have to poop or want to grab some food, manning and womanning the Oddmall Souvenirium, etc…).

If you are interested in joining the Oddmall Odd Squad please email Krystal for more information.

 You can sign up for volunteering spots at VolunteersSpot here:
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