Oddmall: Hallowondrous is proud to present a heaping helping of live entertainment for your enjoyment, hosted and emceed by the hilarious Gandersnitch the Goblin!

Entertainment Schedule


Panel Schedule


10 am: Wayward Sons: A Supernatural Fan Panel presented by Kylan
11am: Doctor Who Monsters presented by Kylan, Bart, Greg, and Heather
12 pm: Untitled Gaming Panel with Gerald King III
1 pm: Paranormal Adventures presented by ORBS
2 pm: 30 Years of Steampunk presented by Phoebe Darqueling
3 pm: New Pulp: Adventures into the unknown and beyond presented by Kylan
4 pm: Meet the Cast of The Farm and Estella’s Revenge


10 am: New Pulp presented by Kylan Toles
11pm: Doctor Who Monsters
12 pm: Untitled gaming panel presented by Herald King III
1 pm: Paranormal Adventures with ORBS
2 pm: Victorian Superstions presented be Phoebe Darqueling
3 pm: Wayward Sons: a Supernatural fan panel
4 pm: Storyboarding a horror movie presented by Tony Vardon

Cosplay Groups in That Have Attended in the Past Include:

The 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist)
The Rebel Legion
The Mandalorian Mercs
Heroes Alliance
Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters

Performer Information

If you are a musician, performer, makeup artist, or anyone else interested in performing at Oddmall, please contact Greg to spout the gab.

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