Costuming and CosPlay

If you dig putting on the fancy duds, the steampunk goggles, the stormtrooper armor, the fluffy dog ears, the superhero cape, that little pink number you think your wife doesn’t know about but she really just loves you enough not to mention it, the wizard robes, the Dr. Who scarf, the life-size Godzilla feet, or any other sort of costume, garb, get-up, or disguise then Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird is the place for you. One of several places, actually (Here’s another).


We love pretending to be things we’re not. After all, in real life I only get to be a sexy secret agent-children’s book illustrator and game designer with a full head of awesome hair and the body of a god (Buddha or possibly Garuda on a bad day)*, but if I raid the costume closet I can be a pirate-ninja-sorcerer-Cthulhu-hutt-girl scout, or a steampunk-superhero-hobbit-fairy, or a ballerina-hot dog-Hogwarts student-timelord, or a zombie-Godzilla-robot, or an ear of corn or whatever the kids are into nowadays.


Anyway, the point is, costumes are encouraged at Oddmall. All costumes (as long as they’re legal and safe for the chillunz to see). Imagination is Earth’s most important resource and we want to see what’s cooking in your noggin. Show us what you’re into. Be PROUD. Sing it LOUD. Don your geek garb and strut your stuff.

To facilitate such snazziness, we have several super-fun CosPlay activities planned. Here are some of them:

Costume Parade

This will be sweet. All of the costumed peeps at Oddmall will form a procession, hopefully led by a phalanx of imperial stormtroopers and possibly a marching band, parading their shiny wazoos throughout the entire place, showing off their snazzy duds and brightening the hearts of young and old alike. It will be both the bee’s pajamas and the cat’s knees all rolled into one. It happens Saturday following the costume contest, which takes place at 3pm on the Main Oddmall Stage.


Costume Contest

Just before the parade, at 3pm on Saturday on the Main Oddmall Stage, will be the costume contest on the main stage. PRIZES will be awarded by our celebrity judges and there will be multiple categories (kids, kids-at-heart, groups, best in show, shiniest coat, etc…). Participant check-in will begin two hours before the contest (you must check-in to be in the contest).


Treat or Treating

As part of the costume parade, Oddmall vendors and staff will be all up on the trick or treating tip (as the kids say). They’ll be ready with candy and such in hand, awaiting all the little gobs and ghouls who come around demanding such things.


Confirmed CosPlayers

The 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist)
The Rebel Legion
The Mandalorian Mercs
Heroes Alliance

Fan Club Information

We have a limited number of free or discounted booths available for fan clubs, cosplay conglomerations, and other geeky groups, please contact Andy if you are interested in one. Typically, if you aren’t selling anything, or if you provide a service to Oddmall or a charity (gift wrap, security, entertainment, etc…) you might qualify for a free one. If you are selling stuff (memberships, merchandise, etc…) you would need to nab a normal booth.

*Yes, I’m aware Buddha isn’t technically a god.